CAS 4: iPhone Remote

After 3 chapters of Computer as Source (CAS), we found more real life pleasure to share with all of you. I recently updated my Iphone to latest 2.1 and iTunes 8.0, the Application “Remote” has tuned my iphone as a wireless remote control. Well, it looks so cool that the screen displays the album art. This chapter we will go through the easy setup procedure.

iTunes the best audio playback software for us. I know many computer audiophiles may disagree as they want to tune their sound with computer DSP such as up-sampling & filtering etc. I personally do not like this idea as computer software on audio DSP are usually inferior to my book compare with high end audio manufacturer designs. “Bit transparent” output is all I look for. If a CD or hires music is recorded with “1010”, I wish the exact same data “1010” will store on my hard disk, and also presents on the digital output.

iPhone / iPod Touch can remote control the iTunes on Mac/PC/Apple TV. They are connected to each other via WiFi. This is far by the coolest surprise remote control.

Step by Step:

(1) Download Remote App from

(2) Click on Remote App -> Add Library

(3) It shows you a Passcode, now switch on your iTunes, on the Devices tab you can see your iPhone or iPod touch. Select the device, and enter the same Passcode.

(4) After successful match the Passcode, your remote is now able to control iTunes.

(5) Now the iPhone/iPod Touch will show you the album list, including the album art.

We setup this Remote in our mastering studio and it becomes one of the hippest gadget, placing close to our mastering console and Weiss DS1-MK3. As you can see, we are listening to “Emilie-Claire Barlow – The Very Thought Of You” A superb Jazz vocal recording. Maybe I should start a little software review column to share all great recordings we have found with you.

Our Chesky Records Section. There are too many great Chesky recording, especially from my mentor Bob Katz in middle 90s, before he moved to Orlando and setup Digital Domain. I wish there is a chance that I can collect the entire list of high resolution 24/96 Chesky Records. Their MS Blumlein technique is the most amazing recording technique in this planet. The custom tube microphones output line level signal with gorgeous timbre. The new has true 24/96 source for sale!! Unfortunately it is current only for US customers.

It was 1997 (11 years ago!!!!) when I attended CES in Vegas, David Chesky & Classic Records both gave me press kits with total of 6 DAD. They use the term “DAD” for 24/96 music stores on DVD format. After 11 years later, those 24/96 content, still amazes anyone who is lucky to hear them.

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