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There are many great quality recordings available. Today technology provide us to create higher transparent media than ever before. If you watch an old television video clips from 20 years ago, you may feel surprised not only 4:3 ratio compare to 16:9 today, but quality of those TV station broadcast videos are far inferior to even mobiles videos these days.
Of course I agree music itself is the biggest reason why one purchase and own music. (Do you still own music, or you just stream?) Technique is most important element for audio engineering as it represents the art and taste of the music.

PATRICIA BARBER: HIGHER DXD Edition” is the very best recording I have ever listened to her album. I honestly not in the camp of DXD, but the quality is extremely nice.

8 Ensembles in 1 Bit” is another superior recording showing off DSD256 by, produced by famous Jared Sack from Channel Classics. I missed the chance earlier this year to meet with him personally. The making of videos has in-depth information about the recording. You will see the Grimm LS1 monitoring!

Voyager – Essential Max Richter” – Absolutely stunning quality. Sometimes I only have few minutes time to listen music, this track one guide me through. From Roon® software, it allows you read the credit of the production. And I found Mr. Philip Krause engineer this album and another my favourite album. Khatia Buniatishvili Lizt Piano works. These two albums are available in Tidal streaming.

I have a new height adjustable table which I can now stand while mixing. There are ten high quality projects in parallel while I’m keep exploring the possibility to “NEW MEDIA”. I hope we will soon be able to announce them.

I miss the time of Montreux. I wish can anticipate next year TWO Montreux Jazz Festival! This is 2017 Poster, which is one of my favourite designs. Do you see beautiful ladies or music instruments?

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