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Weiss 5 Series V2.1.0 r2259 – De-Esser

Weiss 5 Series V2.1.0 r2259 – De-Esser

Weiss 5 Series V2.1.0 r2259 – De-Esser

The De-Esser plugin reduces critical sounds of sharpness that can occur in the high frequency content of music. So this plugin can be beneficial if your favourite recording contains some unpleasant harsh sounds.  But sharpness can also arise during mastering or as a results of inapt constellations in the playback room.  The De-Esser plugin offers you two setting possibilities – the Amount and the Mode of the De-Esser. The two modes behave different when critical sharpness is detected and can be selected via tapping on the desired mode.  The red highlighting displays which mode is active. For selectively getting rid of unpleasant sharpness the mode Surgical is preferential. 

If an overall mellow sound of the high frequency content is desired the mode Smooth is recommendable. The disparity of the two modes and how to use them is described in detail in next chapter. By changing the Amount slider you can change the impact of De-Esser effect. When the slider is on position 0dB the influence of the De-Esser is maximal.

The above information is taken from the latest version DAC50x manual & DSP50x manual.

I will take a quick explanation in Chinese language first since this function is rare for consumer market. I will come back with more writing and audio examples soon.


Weiss 5 Series V2.1.0 r2259 – De-Esser

威仕5系列的最新軟體升級 (V2.1.0 r2259 ) 增加了DSP數位處理插件工具 “De-Esser 齒音消除器” 。


De-Esser插件為您提供了異常簡單的兩種設置可能性 – De-Esser 齒音消除的多少和模式。當插件檢測到刺耳高頻臨界銳度時,兩種工作模式會有所不同,用戶選擇處理模式。紅色顯示哪個模式正處於活動狀態。

為了選擇消除令人不快的刺耳高頻銳度,最好使用”Surgical 精密“模式。

如果需要高頻的整體柔和聲音感,建議使用“Smooth 平滑”模式。

下章節將詳細介紹這兩種模式的差異以及如何使用它們。只要簡單通過更改“數量”滑塊,便可以消除刺耳高頻齒音 “De-Essing”的效果。



Kent Poon FAQ:  

De-Esser 消除刺耳高頻齒音跟已經有的EQ (Equalizer) 調整有甚麼差別? 

Paramatric Equalizer 均衡器可以由用戶選擇某中心頻率作調整,增加或減少。如果一個女聲錄音加上左右一支結他。女聲因錄音距離很近咪高峰,收錄了噴咪的刺耳高頻齒音。使用EQ將高頻減低,全個錄音的高頻也被會衰減,女聲刺耳感並不會減少,只是整個高頻調暗了,同時結他也會被影響調暗。

De-Esser 齒音消除器會檢測高頻超越某個刺耳臨界銳度,才以動態控制方式進行。女聲噴咪齒音超越臨界銳度才會被減低,所以左右結他並不會被影響。因為人聲絕大多數錄音都在正中,所以Weiss 5 系列自動齒音消除器並不會影響或改變左右喇叭音像的高頻衰減,隻影響中央音像。在專業市場我們稱之為 “Mid / Side” 中央與側旁處理方式,減少任何處理影響原音。自動齒音消除器不止會自動檢測刺耳臨界銳度,之後更會自動補償因齒音消除高頻減少的質量。


高頻齒音問題對耳機重播特別嚴重 。因為高音單元直接進入耳朵。所以如果你是耳機發燒友,這數位處理功能已值回票價。

Weiss De-Esser 有多出名? 全球著名Gateway Mastering母帶後期處理工程師 Bob Ludwig稱呼它為 “全球最佳齒音消除器” 

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