Fidata Music Server Version 1.7

Fidata Music Server Version 1.7

Japan manufacturer Fidata has released the Version 1.7 software with new enhanced features, especially for UPnP DSD playback.

In earlier version, there has been a Weiss custom software to enable UPnP DSD playback. V1.7 has made it to official and also supporting all others UPnP DoP streamers /DACs for DSD playback.

We all know there are 3 areas we need to communicate in order to enable the DSD DoP with DLNA server.

A) UPnP/DLNA Server Core

B) UPnP/DLNA Software App

C) UPnP/DLNA renderer

Fidata Version 1.7 takes care all these in a harmony easy to use config by following steps.

  1. System Settings – Scroll down and you will see DSD : DoPWAV = ON

2) Media Server Settings -> Security -> Devices

Find your  -“UPnP Renderer” & “Device Running Fidata App”

  • Under Media Receiver Type -> Enable Force DoPWAV settings

You take care A) Server  B) App  C) UPnP Renderer – You can just relax and stream DSD via UPnP

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