Weiss DSP502+MEDUS_MusicGarden_Event

Weiss DSP502+MEDUS_MusicGarden_Event

It was a nice gathering to meet audiophiles in Guangzhou area. I was invited host an event for Weiss flagship combo DSP502+MEDUS.

We have setup two sets of loudspeakers. New Dynaudio Confidence 20 and PMC Fenestria.

Amplification is made by Dan D’Agostino Momentum HD Preamplifer and Progression Mono Power Amplifier


The Dynaudio speakers are placing so close together (around 80cm), but with Weiss XTC (Crosstalk Cancellation) algorithm, we managed to replay a soundstage go way beyond the speakers boundary. The setup reproduce solid sound images from the PMC speaker locations and the details of sound stage are so realistic replay. For people who do not have a large space, I would highly recommend to try this Weiss DSP. It goes beyond imagination. A hint about this DSP. When you enable XTC, it may introduces frequency changes/colouration. In order to fully utilise this function, one may need to chain a EQ DSP for compensation. When you compare the differences between XTC on/off, focus on the frequency and hear if the sound is thinner, brighter, thicker, in order to compensate by the Creative EQ DSP. Remember there is Preset which you can program one single button to chain all DSP together.

We then changed the demo speaker to PMC Fenestria. A big speakers with plenty of low frequency. We demonstrate other DSP functions like Room EQ matching, Creative EQ adjustment. Usually when audiophile describe a sound system, the first focus would be frequency presentation. With Weiss DSP algorithms, which are same quality as our Gambit mastering processors, you have powerful balance adjustment on hand, without colouration or degradation from original recording. This is why many mastering studios worldwide use Weiss legendary BW102 and Gambit processors for their daily high precision mastering works.


Besides Weiss DSP, we also demonstrated the latest Roon integration, including streaming from Tidal and Qobuz.

I believe audiophile playback system is changing into a new era. Not only more and more people focus on the integration between speakers and room, streaming based audio would becoming main stream for years now. But I think the passion of music listening is still here (We actually need music way more than the past…) and a big change to have immersive setting (go above stereo) music listening is coming strong.

Audio engineer and entrepreneur. Major focus on audio distribution business in Asia region. Currently handling more than a dozen of highend consumer and professional audio brands in the area. Headquarter is located in Hong Kong, with branches in China, Taiwan and Japan.

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