Grimm Audio MU1 Concert 1

Grimm Audio MU1 Concert 1

上周日大提琴手Maya Fridman获得荷兰古典人才奖。恭喜! 这当之无愧! 纯粹巧合的是,我们刚刚编辑了Maya和竖琴师Majsa Koperberg在 Eindhoven Van Abbe博物馆为MU1音乐播放器介绍所制作的音乐会视频。 因此,为了向Maya的伟大才华致敬,我们很乐意向您展示在这个独特的活动中播放的6件作品中的第一件。 Maya为Karen Tanaka演奏大提琴和电子乐的“歌曲之歌”。 “Tape”部分通过LS1播放给观众。 Eelco Grimm为录音制作,Darren de Vroede视频制作。 请享用!

Last Sunday cellist Maya Fridman won the Dutch Classical TalentAward. Congratulations! This is well deserved! By pure coincidence we just finished editing the videos we made of the concert that Maya and harpist Majsa Koperberg gave at the Van Abbe Museumin Eindhoven for the MU1 Music Player introduction. So as a tribute to the great talent of Maya, we love to present to you the first of 6 pieces that were played at this unique event. Maya plays “The song of songs” by Karen Tanaka for cello and electronics. The ‘tape’ part was played to the audience via the LS1’s. Eelco Grimm signed for the sound recording, @Darren de Vroede for the video. Enjoy!

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