Weiss Series 5 RoomEQ AF

Weiss Series 5 processors and d/a converters (DAC501/502, DSP501/502) built in various audio digital signal processing (DSP) that can improve audio system quality in an engineering way. This article is one of the Weiss RoomEQ® measurement and matching calibration case study

Original Left Channel (RAW)

Original Right Channel (RAW)


Measurements are made from listening position about 4m from the speakers. Even for me is still quite rare to meet such a luxury system and space. The system direction is more toward music enjoyment with detail sound. You can guess from the giant tube preamp & power amps. Left/Right channel are not totally balanced. Left channel is rather smooth from the peak level 70Hz to high end 16kHz. Right channel is more up and down, due to the corner of the house. There are built up from 160Hz and below. This left/right imbalance is typical Hong Kong/Asia case. From measurements you can guess quite confidence either left or right is the corner of the house. Few places we can focus and improve.

160-900Hz has lower mid bass to mid high freq.
1600-3200Hz should be higher to couple the high freq.
3000-5000Hz can trim 1-2dB lower smooth out the high.

Left Channel After WeissRoomEQ®

Right Channel After WeissRoomEQ®

Final Left & Right Channel Together.

After Weiss RoomEQ® DSP  balanced Left / Right channels. 200Hz-900Hz mid range is the fundamental of all instruments. After we stored this RoomEQ® as a snapshot (target flat responses curve). We can use Weiss Series 5 DSP (Global Presets) to add 6 different tonal balances. e.g. +/-Bass, +/-Mid, +/-High. Everyone can easily use 1 button Preset on remote or web control, to apply or remove RoomEQ® DSP and tonal balance together. For more about Tonal Balance setting, please Read Here.

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