方浪香港 星光行616 HK Large Room

方浪香港 星光行616 HK Large Room

全球首对 Estelon Forza 正式进驻方浪香港星光行陈列室!
Estelon Forza 型号 – 2 x 250mm 巢式铝夹层Accuton(定制设计)
190 mm 巢式铝夹层Accuton(定制设计)
168mm CELL陶瓷 Accuton  /  25mm CELL钻石 Accuton

When we moved from Hong Kong Gough Street to TST Star House, we had 2 listening rooms. The smaller room is similar to Hong Kong household size. The larger room is 6.4m x 4.8m. We called them “Dream Room”. A dream for music and high end audio lovers. We thought if we continuous our development and trying to catch on the luxury high end audio market, there maybe one day we have a large speaker, which balance the stylish design and superb quality.

With the supports from all of you, this becomes the true high end luxury “dream room” with the world first pair of Model Estelon Forza. If you are in the world of Hong Kong million dollar club, there is a new supplier in town. =)

Entrepreneur (audio sector) Founder & Chairman of SquareWave Group, headquartered in Hong Kong. Businesses includes records productions, multimedia streaming platform technology development. Asia regional representative of the world well known pro-audio & home audio brands. Business involves every stage about audio: development, production, distribution and retail. Group companies and showrooms are located in Hong Kong, Taipei, Shanghai and Nagoya, Japan.

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