New journey begins

New journey begins

France Versailles (April 26-28, 2016)

Last few months I had been travelling. A lot of changes and updates are on going. Sometimes it is an insecure feeling that not well, on the other time it is a driving force forward. I’ll try to write about those in this column and maintain this as a rather personal space.

There will be quite a lot of changes of my audio journey and it has been great challenges we can see in the whole market. To me it has never change that we serve music listening as an ultimate goal with all “beauty” we have in life.

Let’s go for it. I won’t stop here and waiting for you.

Audio engineer and entrepreneur. Major focus on audio distribution business in Asia region. Currently handling more than a dozen of highend consumer and professional audio brands in the area. Headquarter is located in Hong Kong, with branches in China, Taiwan and Japan.

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