Alluxity Media One 音響技術

Thank you Audiotechnique and reviewer Redman for such an excellent review! Alluxity Media One is a music server with built in 2TB HDD storage and d to a converter. It also works as an indepedent DAC for your external digital sources. The control is on the front panel touch screen and/or web interface, which means it supports anything from iPhone/Android/iPad/Windows/Mac. The ReQuest software is the same as Switzerland The BEST music server. The sound quality is extremely well that strength our music server line up between Aurender and Weiss. The entire Alluxity products enclosure is crafted from a single block of aluminium with modern design. Media One pair with the new Integrated One becomes a simple high quality system.

Official PDF review can be download here:

For more information please visit Square Wave Chinese website here.

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