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Pultec is back

Just got email notification from Vintage King about the Pultec is back!

Pultec is Back!

After 30 years, the classic EQ returns, and it’s worth the wait

Revived and alive, Pultec is back and here to stay. Through a decade of relentless commitment to perfection, Dr. Steven Jackson restarted Pulse Techniques’ production of the original Pultec equalizers, making the magnificent low end, silky-sweet high frequencies and wide-open sound available again for the first time in 30 years.

Considering the rarity of vintage units, the new Pultecs at Vintage King make the classic Pultec accessible again. They’ve been responsible for making recordings sound great for over 60 years and will continue on, thanks to Dr. Steven Jackson’s great new gear.

Three Models, Three Versions

Models are: “Original” A3, “Special” S3, and the “Midrange” MEQ. For each model, there are three versions: Standard Tube, Solid State (SS), and Tube Mastering (M). We did the math, and 3×3 does equal 9.

A3 and S3 models provide delicious sweetening of low and high frequencies. The A3 models have their own classic EQ points, whereas the S3 model offers “special” unique frequencies in low, additional high frequency EQ points and a “special” high frequency shelf option. The MEQ models provides gorgeous control over low-mid, midrange, and mid-high frequencies.

For each model there are tube and solid state versions, and a mastering version. The tube version brings sweetness, silk, and richness to individual tracks and whole mixes. The “SS” solid state versions are not inferior to tube, rather the original designers Eugene Shenk and Ollie Summerland considered the solid state API 2520 op-amp-based make-up gain stage more reliable and easily serviceable. Sonically, the solid state version is considered the punchiest Pultec, with slightly more forward mids. Lastly, the “M” mastering versions provide precision 21-position rotary switches for reproducible 0.5 dB steps of boost or cut.

Let’s see if I have a chance to play with…….

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