MAN301 New Software at CES2014

MAN301 New Software at CES2014

This year is Weiss 30th Anniversary. We have a series of exciting plans. At CES 2014 we have a demo of upcoming software update on MAN301.

Don’t miss the brand new Weiss Engineering website:
It took 2 years of development for the new brand identity.

Here are a glimpse of some new features for Weiss MAN301 platform.

1) NEW Software Update: The software update now includes both MAN301 software and the digital chipset firmware update procedure. * The latest update will required to update on both software and firmware.

2) NEW Library view option: Artist tab can now be sorted by Album Artist filter. And Compilation Display within both “Compilation” and “Artist/Album” tabs.

3) NEW Customer Support: Under Server Preferences there is Customer Support tab

4) NEW Remote Login Support: This function allows Weiss Switzerland headquarter remote login access to user MAN301 for diagnostics and support.

5) NEW Tag Editor. A much more powerful Tag Editor is added. This allow user to fetch grace note database even AFTER the audio files(folders) are imported to MAN301.

6) NEW Library Import Status: A great indicator of the index procedure and total numbers of tracks (e.g. 10565 tracks imported).


7) BETA Wordclock Input:  This feature will still take sometimes to be added on the software update after this one. But there are people concern on this and here it shows it is planned. Currently, you can use MAN301 as master clock and WLK out to your device.

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