Dreamroom Active Speakers

In Dreamroom HK, we are in heaven of 3 active speaker models.

1) Swiss Made Klangwerk Ella floor standing loudspeaker.
It is one of the most neutral sounding speakers I have ever heard. The soundstage and 3D presentation is best I can find in the market. Even very complex type of music, Ella can represent in an elegance way and still be able to hear all the details without coloration.

2) UK Unity Audio Black Rock bookshelf monitor
Our best selling bookshelf monitor. We are using this monitor for our own in house production. The same model is being used in UK Metropolis Mastering, and more UK big producers/engineers are using Rock as near field. Elac JET tweeter goes up to 50kHz, and the 180mm Elac woofer provides controllable bass response in a sealed corian/wood cabinet. Active crossover and Discrete Class A/B Bi-amp makes Black Rock one of the unique active speakers in the market. I mostly like its piano playback in low volume, very stunning realistic presentation.

3) UK Unity Audio Boulder Mid field monitor
The Boulder new amplifier provides almost double SPL and headrooms. It combines the best of both worlds
– Germany Elac X-Jet coaxial tweeter/midrange driver, 2pc x 180mm aluminum woofers in MTM configuration.
– EAR Tim de Paravicini customer designed discrete Class A/B x Active crossover and QUAD amplifiers. The Boulder has extremely wide bandwidth and details, which is excellent for mixing and mastering.

Come to DreamRoom and hear them~!!

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