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Medea+OP1-BP Board

Medea+OP1-BP & Medea Original Analogue Boards.

Although the latest Weiss Medea+ looks very similar (some may say it is even the same) as the original Medea, the biggest different lies on the DAC & Analogue board.

Medea+ & Original Medea DAC/Analogue Boards Differences

ModelsOriginal MedeaMedea+OP1-BP
DACAD1955 with Mutual Relation Correlation SystemESS9018 32bit with Mutual Relation Correlation System
I/V ConversionFully Balanced AD797Fully Balanced 4pc x Discrete OP1-BP mounted on top of DAC chipset
Output StageClass A Discrete 8 TransistorsFully Balanced 4pc x Discrete OP1-BP
Output LevelMax. +27dBu (17.35v RMS) Max. +27dBu (17.35V RMS)
Backpanel trimmerHigh/Low ; Front Panel 19 turns trimmers-4dBu (0.49v) to +27dBu in 1dB steps
Analogue TopologyAD797(I/V) + Class A TransistorsFully Discrete/Balanced OP1-BPs x 8pc
Heat Sink2 Large heat sinks L/R (very hot)Each Op1-BP independent + 4 output OP1-BPs on 2 larger heat sinks
SNR117dB A-weight132dB A-weighted

Other Differences

ModelsOriginal MedeaMedea+OP1-BP
Front Panel4 inputs select buttons & 2 trimmers4 inputs select buttons & no trimmers
Digital Inputs4 AES/EBU, 3 SPDIF, 1 Toslink2 AES/EBU, 3 SPDIF, 1 Firewire, 1 ST Optical
Computer SourceNo (Upgradable)Yes (Firewire IEE1394)
Remote ControlNo (Upgradable)Yes (for Firewire Input)

Same Features

ModelsOriginal MedeaMedea+OP1-BP
DSPSharc 40bit DSPSharc 40bit DSP
DSP BlocksUpsampling / DejitteringUpsampling / Dejittering
Up-samplingDSP 2x : Oversampling 4xDSP 2x : Oversampling 4x
Sampling rates352.8kHz (44.1kHz)352.8kHz (44.1kHz)

Millions dollar question: Why their outlooks are so similar but big differences inside?
Answer: Medea(Medea+) is Weiss flagship DAC, We want it to have a very long life span. 
Question: Almost 12 years are not long enough, are you serious ?
Answer: We are very serious, and all features are upgradable.

1) DSP & Digital Input Board

  1. First Generation: Dual AES only for 176.4/192kHz
  2. Second Generation: Single & Dual AES are supported for 176.4/192kHz
  • Myth: Dual AES sounds better than signal hi-speed AES because it uses 2 AES cables
  • Truth: Dual AES appeared before AES/EBU specification accepts single hi-speed at 192kHz. It has nothing to do with two is better than one. Single AES is better because it is simple, save 2nd AES cable and input phase matching.
2) DAC / Analogue Board
  1. Original Medea. Designed in 1999, still a classic.
  2. Medea+OP1-BP: Designed in 2011, State Of The Art.
  • Fully upgradable by replacing the entire DAC/Analogue board with the latest Medea+OP1-BP Board
  • Local distributor/reseller is capable to perform this upgrade.
3) Firewire IEEE 1394 input & ST Optical input
  • Fully upgradable for compute source playback and ST Optical input for Jason ST Optical connection
  • This requires send back to Switzerland Weiss headquarter for upgrade
  • Upgrade includes Firewire IEE1394 volume/phase remote control & RF receiver set
  • Upgrade includes single way shipping fee from Switzerland headquarter back to user address after the upgrade.


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  1. Joost

    2 May

    Thanks for providing this information, very helpful.

    As a medea owner I am very interested in this upgrade. It is a lot of money and so I would like to hear it in my system and see if it is worth the expense, I am already very pleased with the performance of the original medea. I have contacted my local distributor (I am based in Belgium) and they do not have a unit on hand that they can lend out.

    Do you know of any 3rd party reviews of the Medea vs. Medea+? Would you be willing to give your own impressions? Have you contacted Stereophile or TAS for reviewing the Medea plus? The 202 has caused quite a stir in the audiophile industry, I am sure there would be alot of interest in reviewing weiss’s newly redesigned flagship to see how it compares to similarly priced models from dCS, esoteric, playback designs, etc.


  2. Joost

    2 May

    Another question, will Weiss also provide a USB upgrade option for the Medea+? I.e. the board that is in the DAC202U. Thanks

  3. admin

    10 May

    The Original MEDEA and MEDEA+ have 11 years of different in design technology. Honestly I still think Original MEDEA is excellent sounding, MEDEA+ is so much better. Thanks to the shortest signal path design on 32bit DAC with 8pc OP1-BP amp stage.

    I have measurements of MEDEA+ which will later post up. Those are as crazy as OP1-BP SOTA performances, which I cannot see anything is better. Although I have to agree that SOUND preference is always personal.

    About USB board, and other things. Daniel and I have discussed a bit during Munich show and will see how to implement, stay tuned. The first upgrade is definitely OP1-BP board.

  4. Joost

    10 May

    Thanks Ken, I look forward to seeing the measurements you refer to.

  5. Dan

    26 May

    if USB will be implemented in MEDEA+ in future, do you know if it will accept native DSD files via USB ? … as for EmmLab / Meitner , DCS, Playback Designs USB solutions … and it seems soon for MSB Technology too …

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