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PC Audio Fans#4

Japan 3 major audiophile magazines – Stereo Sound, Audio Basics & Audio Accessory have published new magazines focus on CAS, computer and modern network audio playback. PC Audio Fans and Audio Basics magazines are under Japan major news company – Kyodo News, locate at Shiodome Media Tower, Tokyo, Japan.

Editor in Chief Kinjo san 金城稔 has given the Weiss flagship combo – Jason and Medea+ the highest rate on digital playback performances. Weiss Jason/Medea+ is all features combo to support pure CD playback with separate CD transports, 40bit floating point DSP, CD playback volume control, AT&T fiber optics connection (support up to 4X – 24bit / 176.4kHz), full capability for CAS playback via Weiss firewire connection. Separate remote control is provided for computer playback volume and absolute phase switch. From the sound the Medea+OP1BP has 8 OP1-BP modules – 4 modules for I/V conversion and another 4 modules for full balanced output stage. If you are interested on OP1-BP, Weiss has written a 25 pages data sheet.

Even though Weiss MAN202 has not release, PC Audio Fans put big preview feature for its Linux based with Weiss own designed iPAD application. I can only share that there will be better features when it is final launched before X’mas.

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