Stereo Sound #177 Jason Medea

Stereo Sound #177 Jason Medea

This is the first relaunch promotion of Weiss flagship combo – Jason CD Transport and Medea DAC. Right after CES, we have announced and started shipping the first shipment of Medea+OP1-BP.

Medea+OP1-BP equips the latest Weiss 2011 DAC/Analogue board, which includes a brand new 32bit DAC and 8 x OP1-BP modules. These modules are arguable the best current design.

All Medea can be upgrade to the new DAC/Analogue board. This is the entirely new design, and represents Weiss best ever design in DAC. Speaking at this moment, people in Shanghai SAIV2011 HiFi show should notice the break through performances from Medea+OP1-BP matching with Dynaudio Consequence Ulitmate Edition.

For more information about OP1-BP, please see here.


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