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Jason Medea+AudioBasic#58

Weiss flagship reference combo is reborn! This issue of Japan AudioBasic#58 has an extremely important review about this new combo. Before the earth quake we visited AudioBasic in Tokyo to meet with its Chief Editor Kinjoh san and Onda san. They both have listened to this combo and rated it as “The BEST”.

「ご心配どうもありがとう! I’m alive! 会社のビルも非常に大きくゆれて、もうダメかと思いました。
東京でも非常に大きな地震でした。」ー (株)共同通信社 オーディオ・ベーシック編集部 金城様

We all hope the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station problem can be solved as soon as possible, and we will return our thanks by next time visiting Tokyo.

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