Japan New CAS Magazines

Japan New CAS Magazines

Computer As Source (CAS) – Some people said it is for convience, some people said it is for mp3, some people said it is for higher playback quality which CD cannot offer. From CES, TIAS, TAA, BAV HiFi Events, almost all rooms have a computer for audio playback.

There are 3 new Japan computer audiophile magazines by 3 big audio publications

Stereo Sound Publication releases: DigiFi magazine. The first issue crossover with OTOTOY, and provides six 24bit/48kHz audio files for free download.

Phile Web Publication releases: Net Audio magazine. The first issue  crossover with T-Toc Records, and provides 15 files including 24bit/192kHz, 96kHz, 16bit/44.1kHz WAV and even MP3 for comparison.

Kyodo News 共同通信社 releases: PC Audio Fan. This already is the third issue. We wrote about the first 2 issues on previous blog. The 3rd issue provides free demo version for following players: Amarra / Amarra Mini, Wave File Player for Windows, Music Labs Tools and iTunes_afplay for Mac. PC Audio Fan also just launched a new website:

During the Tokyo trip last week, we have met all of them and exchanges a lot of new ideas and direction, thank you so much. We look forward to see more development and your comments of our products. Let’s get high!

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