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Weiss DAC202 – HiFi Review Part2

Weiss DAC202 – HiFi Review Part2

Thank you Megan again for Weiss DAC202 reviews on Part 1 & Part 2. You may download the lo-res PDF here or simply click on each photos on below. This is the 2nd time we visited HiFi Review for 202 Series. Last time we brought in a brand new DAC202, and heard the CD playback connection with EMMLab TSD1 CD Transport.

We found few interesting ideas:

Weiss DAC202 takes sometimes to burn-in.

HiFi Reviews magazine reference preamplifier “Audio Note M6 Line MK III” is RCA input only and takes huge voltage at the input stage. We have set the DAC202 output to highest setting: XLR = +20.44 dBu (8.15Vrms) and RCA = +14.44 dBu (4.075Vrms). HiFiReview Reference EMMLabs DAC2 is still output higher voltage compares to Weiss DAC202. I didn’t have measurement system but it gives me a feeling by using this preamp, higher output voltage DACs will easily sounds better to match with. I guess this is why it becomes the magazine reference unit.

We are very satisfy this time after run-in 3 weeks of time. The sound quality is as similar to what we expected.

When working with traditional audiophile world, we see an usual trend that audiophiles use price point to separate audio performances. I would honestly say modern electronic design is no longer this way. Although I completely agree that digital are not created the same in DSP, conversion technology and sophisticated engineering is required for the best performances.

Maybe I am not the person who should express this emotion. At the same time and same person who worked in both professional audio and consumer hifi audio market, I am disappointed that consumer HiFi audio market shifts to rather based on marketing instead of better engineering. Maybe I should separately write about this feeling. Anyway, for whom told us how good the Weiss products are, we appreciate highly.

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