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Weiss DAC202 – HiFi Review Part1

Thank you very much HiFi Review to spend time review Weiss DAC202. We learnt from Thailand audiophile magazine GM2000 to have Weiss DAC202 review in 2 separate parts because Weiss DAC202 packs more features than usual with more different digital connections. Moreover, we have been used this DAC202 long enough, we understand it so well that it takes a long time to burn in. The Part 1 review was written when the DAC202 was just landed Hong Kong. It is very favorable to us that HiFi Review editor Sam Ho allows us to have the second part and let it run in for another few weeks. Yesterday, we went HiFi Review audition room with our full set of CAS setup

Macbook Pro 17″ Core i5 -> Amarra 2.0 & iTunes -> Neo d+ Firewire -> Weiss DAC202

iPAD remote control with yTrack application.

Last month reviewer Megan said compare to higher price range DACs EMM Lab / MSB DACs, the DAC202 does not get any favor. We are excited to see their comments on Part 02. The more products we sold and received comments from Asia region customers, we are knowing this DAC202 more everyday. From the BAV event we did 2 weeks ago, the combination of Weiss ADC2 & DAC202 is so transparent that the vinyl lovers in bangkok cannot detect if the source is direct vinyl or passed through AD/DA layer.

Personally I really would like to congratulate Daniel, Samuel Groner who in charged the analogue output stages, and the whole Weiss team.

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