Weiss ATT202 – AudioBasic#56

Weiss ATT202 – AudioBasic#56

If you ever listen to ATT202, you’ll know what I mean. It is a very strange kind of passive design.

  • External powered for stepped motor drive, memory and remote control.
  • Full passive design – no electronics, no noise, no distortion
  • Switches has no physical contact for “ON” & “OFF”
  • Highly reliable and extremely long lifespan
  • Magnetic Reed Contact is used on switching
  • Completely mechanical engineering
  • Output impedance matching DIPs for XLR/RCA

I have no idea how to describe the sound of this unit as it is purer than anything else I have tried. It is so transparent that you feel the playback transients are faster, more details, darker background. We have customer even uses this as double preamp setting. The ATT202 works as signal level matching while the 2nd preamp work as timbre/tonal amp stage.

Again, once you listened its sound, you will know what I mean.


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