ミックスウェーブ(Mix Wave)

We didn’t expect to see the Sakura in Tokyo at this period of time. We visited our Weiss Authorized Reseller MixWave at 世田谷区新町. Once we went out from the subway station, we saw full bloom of Sakura.

Mixwave has extremely high audio technical background and handling many great pro audio brands such as API, CubeTec, Buzzaudio, Dynaudio acoustic, Maselec, Merging and ATI etc. Thank you very much Mixwave president Hirokazu Saika meeting and confirm to take care Weiss brand in Japan. We look forward to meet you again soon. For everyone in Japan, Mixwave is launching a brand new website focuses on consumer high end audio. You can view MixWave contact on Weiss Japan Authorized Reseller page.

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