AudioBasic & PC Audio Fan Magazine

AudioBasic & PC Audio Fan Magazine

One of our major events for the Japan trip is to visit magazines “Audio Basic” and “PC Audio Fan”. Both magazines are under Japan major news company – Kyodo News. It is located at Shiodome Media Tower, Tokyo, Japan. Our good friend and reviewer Teruhisa Onda met us in the lobby and went for lunch in Park Hotel 25th floor. The lunch was quiet and excellent. Then we went Audio Basic audio testing room on B1/F and met with Editor in Chief Minoru Kinjo. Mr. Kinjo never listen to the Weiss and Onda san told us he has very high expectation on the new Weiss 202 Series.

We have done a full demonstration with using Weiss INT202 to connect Audio Basic reference SACD player as CAS DAC. Then we use Weiss DAC202 as DAC, followed by using reference SACD player as transport and Weiss DAC202 as DAC for normal CD playback. At the end we us Macbook pro + iTunes + Amarra + Weiss DAC202 as the ultimate CAS playback CDs and high resolution files. Onda san and Kinjo san are both impressed with the setup and listened some of the mandarin songs. Kinjo san agree that Audio Basic will write a review for Weiss latest 202 series, including INT202, DAC202 on coming issue (June). And then the next issue (August) with ATT202, as we showed them the unique design of ATT202. We will be showing you all here soon.

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