AJP-03 LE (Premium Made CD-R)


BLER is an abbreviation of BLock Error Rate. 

This is used in measuring the error rate when extracting data frames from a Compact Disc (CD).

There are 3 important data: C1, C2 and CU 

A good CD-R copies can create lower BLER than replicated CD. For past many years, we have submitted CD-R reference for hifi magazine preview before the actually replicated CDs are ready to delivery. We got some feedbacks that our CD-R reference sounds better than the final replicated disc. Some distributors suggested we make CD-R copies for sale. We rejected this idea for many years because it is very hard to maintain CD-R quality without testing everyone of them individually, plus the production cost will be many times higher than replicated CD.

In CD Mastering, the replication plant rejects CD Master which C1 Avg/Sec over 220, or with any C2 or CU. This is the industry standard.

Although CD-R can create lower BLER than replicated CD. CD-R is not a great media for large replication because it is not as stable as regular CD. Every created CD-R copy has different BLER, even they came from the same manufacturer, same batch.

For a large quantity CD-R production, there are usual to have some very high BLER disc. (lower graph). From the graph, green lines indicate C1 error, which is fine in most cases. The blue lines indiciate C2 error, and red lines indicates CU error. The worse BLER, the higher demand of CD transport reading.

** Now you know why some CD-R duplicated copies cannot be played in some CD player. Besides the compatibility of the player, it is also due to the non-stable quality of CD-R media. **


Audiophile Jazz Prologue – Part 03 Limited Edition

Premium Made CD-R.

We import this CD-R media directly from Japan by ourselves. They are not available in HK/Taiwan due to very high cost.

We are not using a multi CD-R duplicator. We create each disc one by one in low speed burner.

We individually measure each “Premium Made CD-R” product and generate the report. (upper graph) This is an example of our SN0076 report: Avg/Sec 0.3 C1, 0 C2 and 0 CU. This is a GREAT performance.

In our current 1250pc production, we rejected over 180 copies that failed on our test. (lower graph). They maybe playable but we want to maintain the highest standard. These 180 copies will not be sold.

We believe no one in the market has done such thing because it takes too long to create each “Premium Made CD-R” and very high costs. In Audiophile Jazz Prologue – Part 03 Limited Edition, we bundle this “Premium Made CD-R” with a double layer DVD-Rom data disc, which contains all master AIFF files in 24bit/192kHz, 24bit/96kHz and 16bit/44.1kHz resolution.

Every Audiophile Jazz Prologue – Part 03 Limited Edition package includes the unique printed report (upper graph) that matches with the serial number on each “Premium Made CD-R” copy.

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