Weiss DAC50x

   Weiss DAC501/DAC502 & DSP501/DSP502

Weiss new generation 5 Series d/a converters and digital processors: DAC501/DAC502 (DAC50x) and DSP501/DSP502 (DSP50x) have unique DSP features. DAC501/502 has newly design d/a conversion and discrete output stages, DAC50x instantly becomes the best ever selling product in Weiss consumer market history.

Weiss 5 Series has an ambitious aim to improve high end consumer stereo systems like never before. It is not just a set and forget ordinary digital to analogue converter. Weiss 5 Series is over 5 years R&D with latest technologies and combine some of the legendary Weiss professional mastering tools. More information will be update.

DAC50x Current Firmware: V2.0.0 r2097 2019-06-11

DSP50x Current Firmware: V2.0.0 r2095 2019-06-11

Weiss DAC50x