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AJP3 – Double Disc LE Version

2 Disc Limited Edition Package includes: 1 x High Resolution File Disc / 1 x 100% Premium Made CD-R / 1 x Unique disc performance report matched with each Serial Number.

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High Resolution File Disc: A double Layer DVD (DVD-9) contains both 24bit/96kHz24bit/192kHz master music files. These hires files are 100% bit-transparent to the master. First time our customer can listen to the exact same master tape at home. Both 192kHz & 96kHz files are included, to provide maximum playback compatibility, without scarify using inferior SRCs (sample rate converter) on computer, soundcard and other up-sampling devices. This DVD cannot be played by CD, DVD, SACD player, it is created to copy sound files on computers, HTPCs, or other highend audio harddisk players such as Linn DS, Naim Audio HDX and of course the Weiss Engineering Minerva/DAC2 as computer interface.

CD-R Master DISC* takes a full time engineer to create 100% in house with the superior CD-R* material and specific low speed creator. This is different than other companies using high speed CD-R duplicator. Each final CD-R is inspected by our QC engineer. The Double Disc Limited Edition package includes an unique performance printed report matched with each serial number. The industry standard is < 220, the “DWSQC” tolrence is extremely tight < 5. This QC method was used during CD Mastering session. It cosumes very high cost and long production time. Each DWSQC CD takes average 60mins to produce, measure and report. The benefit however, is exactly the method we have been done on all our CD masters! This is one of the most challenging and transparent QC ever in CD production. It is a tailor made procedure with highest quality expectation. If audiophile would like to focus on the very best details, we certainly would like to offer.

*The CD-R material cannot be found in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. We direct import them from Japan THAT’S CD-R.

To represent our engineers stand behind all of our products, each package includes a serial number and QC engineer signature. We recommend our customers to register their serial numbers on this website. This provides a membership for future title pre-order priority, disc replacement* and free sample of hi-res mixed tape download from our website before the album releases to public.


发烧录音界史无前例之作,《爵士原音 3》高清限定版

优质特制 CD-R :

  • 日本原装进口最新技术生产的超级CD-R
  • 低倍速直刻 (跟CD母盘相同程序)
  • 独立编号由 0001-1250
  • 每张优质特制CD-R均由专人独立量度及测试并以特制报告表刋印
  • 顶级CD规格–BLER (Block Error Rate)

高清双层资料 DVD9 :

  • 高分析力母带AIFF档案复制
  • 结合唱片相辑及资料档案于 (方便整合于iTunes及其他软件)
  • 24bit/192kHz于全部13首作品
  • 24bit/96kHz于全部13首作品
  • 16bit/44.1kHz于全部13首作品 (for iPod & comparison)
  • 图解小册子于PDF档内


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