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AJP3 – Free Hi-Res Samples

Audiophile Jazz Prologue – Part 03 free samples in high resolution format. We picked Track 06 – “Lush Life” because it is an unique female vocal solo introduction, then follow with acoustic guitar / double bass arrangement. The master files* are either hires PCM wav files or DSD (DIFF) file.PCM Wordlength: 24Bit
Sample Rate
: 96kHz (200.5MB) /192kHz (300.7MB)

DXD: 384kHz (601.4MB)
DSD**: 1Bit/2.82Mhz (184.2MB)

You may also notice that we updated all files on the free sample server. The new files are in AIFF format with embedded album art. You can just drag these files to iTunes or other software player, the album art and other song info will be included.

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*You will need a soundcard that supports each sampling rate. For our production and monitoring, we entirely use Weiss Engineering firewire based AFI1,DAC2 and Minerva. **DSD file can be played via DSD hard disk player such as Kong/Tascam/Genex/Pyramix/Sadie/Sony Sonic Station/Sonoma etc.

Comments from Kong DSD Recorder Designers: Mr. Koji Oishi:

I’m Koji Oishi. I’m an engineer at Korg, a manufacturer of musical instruments and digital recorders based in Japan, and I’ve developed three DSD recorders (MR-1/1000/2000S) and a DSD software application called AudioGate so far.
I’ve just downloaded 3 DSD files from your Free Hi-Res Samples page, and played them back with our MR-2000S DSD recorder. I need to say that the sound quality is amazing! Very clear and smooth, but the warmth of analog sound is still there..

Thanks Mr. Oishi! Your DSD recorders are amazingly popular in our audiophile circle.

NEW: You may also download AJP4 free samples from here.