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First “Pure Audio Blu-ray” in Asia

First “Pure Audio Blu-ray” in Asia
msm-studios in cooperation with Hong Kong studios Design W Sound author
Pure Audio Blu-ray for Asian star Hok-e

msm-studios have hooked up with Hong Kong studios Design W Sound and audio engineer Kent Poon to produce the album Trinity by Asian star Hok-e on Pure Audio Blu-ray. The project is the beginning of a long-term relationship with Kent Poon, who´s widely regarded as one of the top Asian audiophile producers and engineers. Kent started his research into audio production in North America in 1993 working on a wide range of musical genres, from classical, jazz, hip hop, electronic, country, pop to dance. In 1997, Kent became one of the youngest full member of the Audio Engineering Society (AES). After moving back to Hong Kong in 2003, he started the first series of productions, “Audiophile Jazz Prologue”, which became a big hit on the Asian high-end audio market.

His latest production “Trinity” by Hong Kong actress turned singer Bondy Chiu under her moniker Hok-e continues a series of Pure Audio Blu-ray productions for msm-studios. “It is a fantastic step for us to team up with Kent Poon and work on the Trinity release, especially with the reputation of Hok-e and her wide media exposure on the Asian market”, msm-studios founder and CEO Stefan Bock explains. “The release will introduce the concept of the Pure Audio Blu-ray to a younger Asian audience, a clientele with high potential despite the driving forces of downloads.” With raving reviews in daily newspapers as well as special media magazines such as HiFi Review, Trinity is a best practice example. “With msm-studios we´ve found the perfect partner for our projects! The Pure Audio Blu-ray and mShuttle technologies will satisfy Asian audiophiles who are looking for the best studio master sound. It is our honor to be part of it”, Kent Poon is delighted.

Trinity is not just a high-resolution audio release, but also exploits the potential of the mShuttle functionalities. Besides the high-resolution files, mShuttle delivers the music as FLAC, DSD, AIFF and MP3 files and therefore caters for various life situations the music lover might want to listen to the music. On top of these formats also the cover and booklet as PDF as well as bonus images are made available through mShuttle. Connecting the Blu-ray player to the computer in your home network, the user simply opens the browser application to access these additional files.

The Pure Audio Blu-ray was developed by msm-studios with a clear focus on usability. Essentially an audio-only Blu-ray it boasts a couple of highly convenient extra features: screenless navigation for easy handling as with a CD, audio stream selection through the colour buttons on the remote control, or the feature mShuttle. The screenless navigation has been confirmed as AES specification. It has been officially introduced as such at the AES convention in London, May 13-16 2011.