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Design w Sound has more than 18 years experiences in professional mastering, recording, mixing, audio consulting fields. It is handles by audiophile producer and engineer Mr. Kent Poon

We are one of the first two approval studios in asia pacific region to handle “Mastered for iTunes” MFiT projects.

We are one of the first asia companies to produce high resolution audio format for sale to public. Online ( and replicated products.

We are service provider on “made in japan” HQCD, which has unique multiple production lines and glass master technologies. Bondy Chiu Hok-e “TingTing” is the first asia pop artist to release HQCD at 2009.

We are partners of German Munich msm-studios on “Pure Audio Bluray”. This new format enable high resolution audio playback with standard Bluray player. Unique technology “mShuttle” allows multimedia content transfers from BD to computer through home network connection.

Bondy Chiu Hok-e “Trinity” and “Chanteur” are the first two Pure Audio Bluray disc in asia market. Both Pure Audio bluray provide 24/96 playback, 1080P MVs and BD netvigation menu. Downloadable multimedia files includes HiRes PCM, DSD, MFiT AAC and artist own self taken photos via mShuttle.

Design w Sound focuses on high quality recording standard.

If you would like listen what we do, please download our free hiRes samples from here: