CAS 6: Album Art Widget

Last two times we focus on iTunes application audio quality, this time let’s talk about album management. One of the biggest impact to view an album on computer screen is the cover art. No text can compare a good album art display, especially you put many albums together. For countries that has no iTunes Store, people are not able to use itunes own “Get album art” feature. I use the “Album Art Widget” most of the time and would like to share with you.

Album Art Widget is a background running app like other Mac OS/x Widget. You will click F12 to bring the dashboard up and down. The application itself is very easy to use. Here are some easy steps:

(1) First you download and install this widget on your Mac dashboard.

(2) Go to iTunes, insert a CD and play a song of that CD.

(3) You can see from bottom left that shows “Album Artwork Not Modifiable”. This is because you cannot add anything to a CD, which is not writable.

(4) Now you import them to your Library.

(5) In Library or playlist (not the CD), play a song from this album. On bottom left, you can now able to “Drag Album Artwork Here”.



(6) Press F12 to wake the widget and you will see this app access to pre-set servers such as “Amazons”,”Google Images”, “Yesasia” for album art work.


(7) Once it display the correct album art that you want, click on add album art icon

(8) There you can add the selected album art work on either one file, or multiple files.

One cool feature, it saves the fetched artwork to iTunes directly,so no matter what program will ever open this file, the album art is attached with it. Even you look at the file, the icon is replaced with the album art thumbnail.


This widget is really useful and very easy to speed up the album artwork management.

Download address: