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Digital Audio Seminar FW2009 数码音响讲座

日期: 2009年11月14 星期六 或 11月15日星期日 (1 Day Seminar)
Date: November 14 or 15 (1 Day Seminar), 2009
时间: 2-5pm (Seminar) 5-7pm (Demo)
地点: 数码港 3座3楼 Training Theatre

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Seminar Outline & Features:
Introductory and background 自我介绍及背景

  • Profiles and projects 过往曾参与制作
  • Current on going development in audio world 现时及发展中的项目

Digital Audio Basics 音响基本知识

  • History of Recording 录音历史
  • Introductory of Acoustic 音响入门
  • Analogue Open Reel Recording 开卷式录音
  • Digital Audio Recording 数码录音
  • Digital Formats (PCM, DSD) 数码录音格式
  • Bit Depth & Sample Rate 数码音频元位和取样
  • Floating Point & Fixed Point Processing 定点和浮点
  • Dithering / Noise Shaping 音频处理

Discussion of Modern Music production 录音制作讨论

  • Business in Hong Kong, Asia, and Global market 香港,亚洲和全球录音市场
  • New changes in audio production 新录音时代的改变
  • Requirement of different music genres 不同音乐种类对录音不同的要求
  • Level Loudness War: Why some recording is better than the other? 录音音量对音质疑问

Digital Audio Playback Discussion & Demonstration 音响重播讨论及重播示范

  • Audio Source 音源 (CD, SACD, DVD-V, DVD-Audio, Download, MP3, AAC, Computer As Source)
  • Advantage and Disadvantage of each source format 不同音源的特性
  • SHM-CD / Blu-Spec CD / HQCD / Crystal Disc 新世代CD压片技术讨论及示范
  • Digital Clocking & Connections 数码时钟和连接
  • Ethernet / USB / Firewire / I2S / AES/EBU / SPDIF / TOSLINK / ST Optics Connection 数码连接

Computer As Source – High Resolution Digital Audio Converter (DAC) 高解像电脑讯源解码器

Software Demonstration: 软件讨论及示范

  • FooBar 2000, cPlay, Monkey Media, iTunes, Sonic Studio Amarra 软件讨论及示范
  • Professional Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) – WaveLab / Nuendo / Harrison Mixbus / Izotope RX  讨论及示范
  • Audio Driver – MME-WDM / ASIO / WASAPI / Core Audio 讨论

iTunes Digital Music Library 101? 怎样建立iTunes数码音乐图书馆?

  • iTunes Demonstration
  • CD Ripping – EAC / dB Poweramp / iTunes
  • File Format: WAV / AIFF / MP3 / AAC / Apple Lossless / WMA Lossless / Format Conversion: MAX
  • Album Info & Artworks (CDDB / Gracenote / Album Art Widget)
  • High Resolution Download Website – / /

Course Handouts 材料:
Course Note 课程资料 / Reference Recording 录音CD / High Resolution File Download / Test Tones CD 测试音频 / CAS related produce special discount.

Lucky Draw:幸运大抽奖

  • 头奖2名: (星期六和星期日各一套)爵士原音 III – 日本HQCD配方 ML22 & ML23 原母带 2 张 (非卖品)
  • 二奖1名: 美国Sonic Studio Amarra Mini播放软件
  • 三奖1名: 赵学而听听 HQCD Deluxe 签名版1套
  • 四奖3名: 爵士原音 III – 双碟限量版1套
  • 五奖5名: – $100 音乐现金券

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Venue Sponsor:

Equipment Sponsor:

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Playback Demonstration System:

ProAc Flagship Carbon Pro Eight Speakers:

Oracle SS1000 Super Integrated Amplifier

AudioQuest Wild Blue Yonder interconnect cables
AudioQuest Meteor speaker cables
AudioQuest NRG-10 and WEL’SS power cords

Digital Front End :

dCS Puccini SACD/CD Player & U-Clock


Naim HDX

PS Audio PerfectWav Transport/DAC:

Cambridge Audio DacMagic

Linn Klimax DS

Linn Sneaky DS

Weiss Firewire DAC2

Weiss INT202


Lynx AES16

MetricHalo ULN8

Sonic Studio Amarra software

Steinberg WaveLab DAW

Steinberg Nuendo DAW

Izotope RX

Harrison Mixbus/Ardour2

Crystal Disc