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  • 日期: 2009年2月22日 時間: 1-7pm: 小組錄音實踐
  • 地點: 數碼港 3座資訊科技大道3樓 Digital Media Center
  • 數碼媒體中心- 音響工作室配有 Studer Console


特別來賓: A-dAY

香港二人唱作組合A-dAY, 成員包括: 主音Angus及結他手Day, 繼07年5月自資推出第一張專輯《一天…》,同年10月憑《寫真》一曲奪得第十九屆CASH流行曲創作大賽冠軍後,於08年簽約框格音樂事務有限公司 (Honger Music Venture Limited),全力進駐樂壇,推出原音專輯—《愛這天》,收錄8首原創作品,並輯錄3首主打歌《寫真》、《凌晨三點三》、《Love’s in the sky》MV。


Introductory Professional Audio Production For Audiophiles by Kent Poon



The course will split into 2 sections: Theory + Practical

First section – Theory & Background

We will book a place that can fit all 50-60 people nicely for the introductory theory course  

Introductory and background 自我介紹及背景

  • History in Canada / US 北美音響工程
  • Profiles and projects 過往曾參與製作
  • Current on going development in audio world 現時及發展中的項目

Basic theory of audio 音響基本知識

  • History of Recording 錄音歷史
  • Introductory of Acoustic 音響入門
  • Analogue Open Reel Recording 開卷式錄音
  • Digital Audio Recording 數碼錄音
  • Digital Formats (PCM, DSD) 數碼錄音格式
  • Bit Depth & Sample Rate 數碼音頻元位和取樣
  • Floating Point & Fixed Point Processing 定點和浮點
  • Dithering / Noise Shaping 音頻處理

Discussion of Modern Music production 錄音製作討論

  • Business in Hong Kong, Asia, and Global market 香港,亞洲和全球錄音市場
  • New changes in audio production 新錄音時代的改變
  • Requirement of different music genres 不同音樂種類對錄音不同的要求
  • Level Loudness War: Why some recording is better than the other? 錄音音量對音質疑問

Basic Music production workflow 基本錄音過程

  • Microphone Technique discussion 咪高峰技術 ( XY, AB, Blumlein, Omni, Cardioid, Figure 8 )
  • Signal path discussion 訊源流程
  • Mixing 混音技術 (analogue & digital mixing – fixed floating point)
  • Insert / Return 錄音調整
  • Audio Processing (EQ, Compressor, Limiter) 錄音調整
  • Digital DSP Processing 數碼錄音調整
  • Mastering: What is Mastering? 母帶製作

Audiophile playback discussion 音響重播討論

  • Audio Source 音源 (CD, SACD, DVD-V, DVD-Audio, Download, MP3, AAC)
  • Digital Audio Converter (DAC) 解碼器
  • Upsampling vs. Oversampling 升頻技術
  • Digital Clocking & Connections 數碼時鐘和連接
  • Advantage and Disadvantage of each source format 不同音源的特性
  • Amplifier System 音響放大系統 (Class A, AB, B, D, Tube, Solid State, Pre-amplifer, Power Amplifier)
  • Loudspeaker System 揚聲器 (Planner, Dipole, Crossover, Active, Passive)
  • Headphones 耳筒
  • Acoustic Matching with loudspeaker system 房間與音響的組合
  • How to understand more about your room 進一步了解你的音響空間
  • How to understand more about my source 進一步了解你的音源
  • How to read audio measurement 解釋音響專業測試圖

Course Handouts 材料 : Course Note 課程資料/ Reference Recording 錄音CD / Test Tones CD 測試音頻

Section Two: Practical & Demo

We are very lucky that my personal friend and upcoming acoustic band A-dAY will join us as live performers. We will break all attendants into groups, so everyone is able to touch some knobs, and really be involved. We will go through the procedure of simple Miking & Mixing. We will demo some special post production equipment and further solidify theories that we discussed in theory section. We will record in different bit-rates, sample rates. Student can listen to each format and evaluate the theory behind it. At the end of this course, everyone will get a copy of these recorded materials in native high resolution.

這部份我們會分為小組作錄音實踐。 每組大約90分鐘。

錄音實踐主要是將理論部份強化。例如錄音不同元位和取樣的聆聽比較 / 咪高峰技術 / 混音 / 錄音調整。學員可以取回錄音的母帶作往後比較。 本課程旨在增加音響愛好者的基本知識和了解一個錄音的基本過程, 希望加強大家對音響及錄音的興趣。

There is PDF which you can download here: ProAudioCourse01.pdf

(It is the first time we run such course and we have Hong Kong Cyberport sponsorship for the venue as trail)

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Special Thanks:


Venue Sponsor: Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited


Demonstration Audio System Sponsor: Avantgarde Hong Kong


Honger Music Venture Ltd. & A-dAY