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POTY – Grimm LS1a


English Summary

LS1a is more affordable than flagship LS1be, and the design concept and technology of the two are the same.
LS1a also has a built-in CC1 master clock; adopts NCore class D amplification technology, 120W per channel; the mid-bass unit is a Polypropylene diaphragm model of Norway Seas, and the tweeter is Seas DXT. Like LS1be, you can purchase additional subwoofer modules for LS1a, or the more affordable sub-woofer LS1s.
LS1s subwoofer built-in 400W powered amplifier, starting from 70Hz, which can smoothly extend the bass of LS1 series speakers to 20Hz. A more advanced option is LS1s-dmf (now SB1). The power of the active subwoofer amplifier is increased to 700W. More importantly, the DMF Digital Motional Feedback technology is added to measure the actions of the unit in real time.
The placement of the LS1a follows the manufacturer’s recommendations, because Grimm Audio carefully controls the sound direction through the DSP and the appearance of the speaker. When you decide whether it is 30 degrees or 45 degrees, you can change the setting through the control software mentioned earlier.
I have listened to many different music on LS1a with colleague Janet, and we can’t find an album that are not perfectly well-played.
This speaker really broadcasts the characteristics of different recording productions, and there is no trace of any addition or colouration.
LS1a Its dynamics, energy, variability, analytical power, vigor, and reduction ability are all excellent.
If you don’t compare it with the flagship model since it is 3 times more expansive, just LS1a itself is so versatile and faithful in nature, plus built-in three independent DACs per channel (one is reserved for subwoofer),dual mono power-amplifier stage, and built-in volume. The price includes all DACs, pre-amplifiers, power-amplifiers and speakers. If your greatest pleasure is not from playing equipment, but from listening to music, LS1a is a shortcut and a very cost-effective investment.

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