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Grimm SQM RCA HiFiReview

Grimm SQM RCA HiFiReview

Grimm SQM Prices:
SQM Stereo RCA 1 Meter (pair) – HKD$5,300
SQM Stereo RCA 2 Meter (pair) – HKD$6,100
SQM Stereo RCA 3 Meter (pair) – HKD$6,900
SQM Stereo XLR 1 Meter (pair) – HKD$4,800
SQM Stereo XLR 2 Meter (pair) – HKD$5,600
SQM Stereo XLR 3 Meter (pair) – HKD$6,500
SQM Stereo XLR 4 Meter (pair) – HKD$7,300
SQM Stereo XLR 5 Meter (pair) – HKD$8,100

I personally recommend anyone using active speakers to consider SQM cable.

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