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Weiss MAN301 Output Settings

Recently got a customer question regarding Weiss MAN301.

When bypassing audio volume control (No attenuation on fader) there are distortions. He means when volume output is maximum. This is more likely relates to MAN301 DAC maximum output level overloads preamp/integrated amplifiers. These screenshots show how one can control these settings.

MAN301 has four different settings for maximum analogue DAC output level. They are related to the following standards.

XLR Output: 7.5 Vrms, +19.7 dBu / 2.3 Vrms, +9.7 dBu / 0.75 Vrms / 0.23 Vrms, −10.3 dBu
RCA Output: 3.75 Vrms, +13.7 dBu / 1.15 Vrms, +3.7 dBu /  0.375 Vrms, −6.3 dBu /  0.115 Vrms, −16.3 dBu

MAN301 still has the very best sound quality and in-depth control for high resolution music listening. Its tagging function is the best we can find in the market, and digital volume control is also being used all the time, especially during audio shows which we can adjust playback volume in the “invisible way”.

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