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New Diary 20200901

September 1st, 2020. (Tuesday)

Here is a new start of my audio diary. Lot of things going on daily and even myself somehow forget them. I wish to write them down in this column and motivate myself fun elements in my work, toward personal audio underground. Photos and short paragraphs will be uploaded to social media if anyone is interested. Today is a big day in cooperation and personal level. SquareWave Taipei partner Zac Lee’s birthday. We wish him the very best. He has good knowledge in audio and best customer service.


We gained two major development confirmation, which I look forward to share more.

We recently have pleasure to join a collaboration with Hong Kong Mira Hotel Group and France audio manufacturer Devialet. We setup a ITS5.5 (Immersive Theater System) for 2020 Summer Mirathon. The system includes 3pc Gold Phantom as L-C-R, and then 2pc surround Phantom Reactor Custom for pure Bluray movie enjoyment. This particular setup made few unusual approaches.

•  Signal path from Bluray disc to Devialet Phantom loudspeakers are kept in fully digital domain.
•  Control graphic interface is based on a custom iPad app.
•  ITS DSP up mix .1 sub to all Phantom (5.5 vs 5.1) and surrounding audiences.
•  Connection and cables are based on AoIP Ethernet LAN.

My Avid S3 Lux rack arrived. They look very nice and I wish to work immersively with it. I wish to have more time everyday.

If you have any audio related question, please feel free to leave comment on the blog. When I write a new diary, I will try my best to answer yours. We are Devialet Partner in Hong Kong and Taiwan. If you are in these two regions and interested in the products, contact us.

Entrepreneur (audio sector) Founder & Chairman of SquareWave Group, headquartered in Hong Kong. Businesses includes records productions, multimedia streaming platform technology development. Asia regional representative of the world well known pro-audio & home audio brands. Business involves every stage about audio: development, production, distribution and retail. Group companies and showrooms are located in Hong Kong, Taipei, Shanghai and Nagoya, Japan.

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