Weiss Saracon 1.61-36

Weiss Saracon V1.61-36

The biggest update for years.

Major enhancements includes:

  • DSD format supports both *.dff & *.dsf file!
  • File Path supports non-latin character!
  • MacOS Catalina 64bit supports!
  • Windows Manual (Worth to read FAQ)
  • Mac Manual (Worth to read FAQ)

All my productions use Saracon. It is an essential tool for mastering.

Saracon can also be an ultra precision signal generator. I have forgotten this until read the updated manual. A very useful feature when you want to test application support in different sampling rates. It is even more useful when you have measurement system and would like to test your own gears. Here I created a set of 1kHz audio files in various sampling rates and formats (PCM & DSD)

Please feel free to download them here. (1kHz -6dB Audio Files)

Under the hood there is one rather secret conversion. Saracon supports DSD256 (11.2MHz) back to PCM. It does not write on the manual officially and sometimes even I forgot it. During my Tokyo visit, I bought a CD which was mastered by Studio Dede. It has a Saracon logo on the CD disc and back cover. Then I found out in the booklet they have been recorded in DSD256 and use Saracon converts it back to CD 16bit/44.1kHz.

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