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IAP System Tuning

A well known high performance DSP loudspeakers with its BXT bass tower. Linearity from 300Hz to 5000Hz is excellent within few dBs. However since the right channel speaker is in a solid concrete corner and left speakers is located in an open space, red colour trace (right channel) has 16-20dB amplitude bump hill under 100Hz.

After IAP tuning, 20Hz to 20,000Hz within 10dB  (+/-5dB) shows the values of the system. Sound wise is excellent as well. IAP also allows “Digital Mirror” of the main stereo L/R output, the whole chain from movie HDMI, CD, music streamers are purely digital path. For people who matched digital speakers with analogue or passive surround speakers, this is the ideal form.

The customer has 4 speakers surround FL / FR / RL / RR (without Center) plus stereo front height channel (FLH / FRH) total of six speakers. The other surround channel speakers are well know British loudspeaker manufacturer. They have faster high end roll-off than I normally see. Their power handling on the other hand is its strength.

IAP System provides bass management for the system. It matches all speakers frequency amplitude and timing differences. DSP main stereo speakers have around 7ms delay. Overall sound is very satisfied for music and movie. For stereo music, IAP immerses stereo source to all 6 speakers. IAP preamp is manufacturer by Switzerland Illusonic, which is the market leader for audio related researches.


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