Grimm LS1 Speaker White Paper 10th Anniversary

Grimm LS1 Speaker White Paper 10th Anniversary

这篇技术文章刚好十周年。方浪集团也正式引进Grimm LS1a,系列中最入门的型号。Grimm Audio的LS1在十年前已是不寻常的扬声器,但十年后技术的成熟把这概念伸延得更成功。它的宽而浅的声箱几乎是所有当代扬声器的对立面,尽管有十分普及的先进DSP,但DSP滤波器仍主要基于IIR。 为什么? 本白皮书认为,所有选择都源于基本声学,信号理论和心理声学因素有关。

This “Speaker White Paper” is going to celebrate its 10th Anniversary, while SquareWave starts to import Grimm Audio most affordable LS1a loudspeaker system. Grimm Audio’s LS1 is an unusual loudspeaker. Its wide but shallow cabinet is the direct opposite of nearly all contemporary loudspeakers and the DSP filter is mainly IIR based in spite of the availability of cheap DSP. Why? This white paper argues that all choices derive from basic acoustics, signal theory and psychoacoustics.

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