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蔡琴 24K Gold 機遇

蔡琴 24K Gold 機遇

Yesterday I missed call from the records company. They have good news and would like to re-print this album. Some of you may know I’m involved this project. There are many different versions of this legendary HiFi fever recording.

My intention is to keep the most faithful first and original generation master sound. Indeed the dynamics of original waveforms look absolutely beautiful. I can ensure you will not able to find another version more transparent than this one. If I may speak privately, not even the first print. I went Tokyo during CNY to finish it up final QC. I wish coronavirus is not affecting colleagues there. Everyone please keep safe and let’s reprint!

And….I guess about 12 years ago, I happened to have multichannel master of this album. It was in PCM3324 format. (Yes digital!)
Thanks for all your continuous supports. I wish beautiful things happen and willing to work hard for them.

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