Dutch&Dutch Speaker Event

Date & Time: December 11th, 2019 – 5:30pm Wednesday
Location: SquareWave HK Showroom
RM616 6/F Star House, T.S.T. Kowloon

Special Guest: Martijn Mensink (Dutch & Dutch acoustical designer)
Host: Kent Poon (Technical lecturer)
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Dutch & Dutch DSP active speakers is a new generation innovative designs. This week we have the privilege that D&D acoustical design Martijn Mensink will visit Hong Kong. We would be delight to have Martijn and our own Kent Poon to host a causal evening event with local audiophiles. Presentation and discussion topics around new approaches of speaker designer, surrounding interesting topic of Dutch & Dutch 8C DSP active speakers. We will also demonstrate the sound quality with latest digital streaming methods, Roon®, Tidal®, Qobuz® via our latest Swiss Weiss Engineering Series 5 DSP processors. 

If you have time we would be delight to have you to join us. Free snacks and beverage will be served. RVSP by registration form.
See you on Wednesday evening.

12月11日 – 星期三下午5:30pm
地点: 方浪音响香港陈列室
九龙 尖沙咀 星光行6楼 616室
特别嘉宾: Martijn Mensink (荷兰Dutch & Dutch声学设计师)
主持人: Kent Poon (技术讲师)
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Dutch&Dutch DSP有源扬声器是新一代创新设计。 本周我们有幸D&D声学设计专家Martijn Mensink将访问香港。 我们很高兴让Martijn和我们的Kent Poon能够与本地香港发烧友一起举办活动。 主题将会讨论扬声系统设计的方法和新思维,以及示范 Dutch & Dutch 8C DSP有源扬声器的有趣主题。我们还通过最新的瑞士 Weiss Engineering 5系列DSP处理器,示范最新数字流媒体方法包括: Roon®,Tidal®,Qobuz® 演示音响效果。

我们很高兴您能抽空出席。我们将免费提供小吃和饮料。 注册方式请输入以下资料进行确认。


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