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Jonas Kaufmann loves Grimm LS1be-dmf

Jonas Kaufmann loves Grimm LS1be-dmf

全世界最好的男高音 – Jonas Kaufmann

「當我聆聽錄音編輯檔案,在審批過程要批准或需其他註釋時,清楚聽到最小音量中的細節對我來說非常重要。在準備十月份發行的新專輯時,我再次感激能擁有Grimm LS1be揚聲器 。除了完美地用作監聽揚聲器,同時聲音聽起來不會太嚴肅或太直率,因此您每天能舒適坐著,放鬆和欣賞音樂 – 這種組合極為罕見。外形簡潔美觀,與我的其他傢具完美融合。它們的聲音重播質量常常使我感到震驚,即使是最簡單的數碼串流播放也能帶來流暢,溫暖,跟模擬聲音一樣的喜悅。」

“When I listen to edit files of my recordings, for approval or additional notes, it is very important to me to hear the smallest details. In preparation of my new album-release in October I was once again grateful for having my GrimmLS1be speakers. While they function perfectly as monitor-speakers, at the same time they do not sound too persistent or direct, so you can just lean back, relax and enjoy music on a daily basis – a combination which is extremely rare. The speakers are also aesthetically appealing, so they blend nicely with my other furniture. I am often astounded by their quality which renders even the simplest digital file streams into smooth, warm, almost analog-sounding bits of joy.“ Jonas Kaufmann

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