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Grimm at Amsterdam Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

Grimm at Amsterdam Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra

Just before we shipped the MU1’s to our enthusiastic ‘first customers’, we got a phone call from tonmeister Everett Porter of Polyhymnia International BV. Everett makes recordings of many concerts of the Amsterdam Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra (“RCO”) in the Het Concertgebouw Amsterdam. The studio of the Concertgebouw is equipped with a surround set of Grimm Audio LS1’s. Everett told us that on June 6th an event was planned for 50 members of the Concertvrienden (Friends of the Concertgebouw Orchestra) society. It would be a quite special SACD presentation in the brand new rehearsal space of the Concertgebouw Orchestra, ‘RCO House’, of an impressive 2018 recording of Honneger’s ‘Jeanne d’Arc’. And Everett asked us if we could bring a surround set of LS1be plus DMF subs… Our team took up the challenge to make this event extra unique by developing the surround capabilities of the MU1 in a fast pace. One day before the event it came alive and we hosted a great event, together with our dealer Chattelin Audio Systems from The Hague. We are very proud to show you some nice pictures of the beautiful “Amsterdam” hall of the RCO house and a short video impression too. Please enjoy!

接到Polyhymnia的主管Everett Porter的電話。Everett 曾經在阿姆斯特丹演奏廳錄製了許多阿姆斯特丹皇家音樂廳管弦樂團(“RCO”)音樂會。阿姆斯特丹演奏廳廣播及錄音工作室亦配備了Grimm Audio LS1環迴立體聲系統。6月6日Everett計劃了為Concertvrienden社團成員(Concertgebouw Orchestra之友)在Concertgebouw Orchestra 全新排練 ’RCO House’ 空間舉辦一個其2018年錄製的 Honneger’Jeanne d’Arc’ 非常特別SACD錄音演示活動。

我們快速開發了Grimm Audio MU1的環迴立體聲功能,加上一套 5pc x LS1be+dmf系統,成功示範了首度公開活動!

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