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Grimm MU1 Concert2

請欣賞1月31日在 Eindhoven Van Abbe 博物館錄製的 “MU1音樂會”的第二部分。 在這個視頻中,你將看到豎琴師Majsa Koperberg 加入大提琴家瑪雅弗里德曼。 在她進入時,Majsa得到了時裝藝術家Alice Lupin的協助,她設計了Maya和Majsa穿的連衣裙。 這些連衣裙是由攝影師Brendon Heinst為Grimm Audio推廣圖片拍攝的壯觀照片特製。 一個特別的細節是Majsa的連衣裙是由Grimm Audio TPR接線製成的……

編注: “Grimm TPR接線方浪集團已賣出接近10km – 10,000米。在國內”中國好聲音”公程師推薦下得到熱列銷售及品質名氣。台灣著名錄室也使用超過1000米。”

Maya和Majsa將為您演奏的作品是ArvoPärt著名的“Fratres”,用於安排大提琴和豎琴。 在接下來的幾週內,我們將為您發布其他4個視頻。 Grimm Audio 主理人Eelco Grimm為這視頻的錄音工程師。Darren de Vroede為視頻錄製公程師。

Please enjoy the second part of the “MU1 concert”, that was recorded on January 31st in the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven. In this video you will see harpist Majsa Koperberg joining cellist Maya Fridman. Upon her entry, Majsa is assisted by fashion artist Alice Lupin, who designed the dresses that Maya and Majsa wear. These dresses were made for a spectacular photo shoot of Grimm Audio promotion pictures by photographer Brendon Heinst. A special detail is that Majsa’s dress is made of Grimm Audio TPR cable… The piece that Maya and Majsa will play for you is the famous “Fratres” by Arvo Pärt in an arrangement for cello and harp. In the upcoming weeks we will post the other 4 videos for you. Eelco Grimm signed for the sound recording, Darren de Vroede for the video.

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