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Weiss Series 5 DSP EQ Presets

Weiss Series 5 DSP EQ Presets

In order to help Weiss Series 5 (DAC501/502, DSP501/502) users get on hands, here I attached a EQ Presets suggestion.

  1. you may follow each Creative EQ setup
  2. save them as each snapshot name. (e.g. +Bass, -Bass, +Mid, -Mid, +High, -High)
  3. assign them to each Global Preset
  4. I use Preset 7 to Preset 12. And I leave Preset 1 as passthrough (No DSP)
  5. By using app or hardware remote, you may press 1 button and change the frequency balance.
  6. You may use preset to turn on XTC 3D, DMM Vinyl, WDA Dynamic Adaption etc, or even combinations of these.
為了幫助Weiss 5系列用戶上手,這裡附上EQ預設提議
1) 按照每個Creative EQ (Hz, +/-dB, Q) 設置進行操作
2) 保存不同Snapshot(+/-Bass,+/-Mid,+/- High)
3) 將它們分配給每個全局預設
4) 這𥚃使用了由預設 7至預設12,一共6個Presets
5) 預設1作為 “沒有改動”(隨時還原)
6) 你也可以使用其他預設開關DMM黑膠, WDA動態均衡器以及XTC 3D Audio設定等等。
通過使用app或附設遙控器,只需按1按鈕即可更改頻率平衡。Weiss EQ不是普通的均衡器,恭喜你得到成為母帶製版師的享受。

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