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Weiss Series 5 RoomEQ EC

Weiss Series 5 Processors (DAC501/502, DSP501/502) built in various DSPs can enhance practical listening quality.

Here is an example of RoomEQ DSP measurements and matching case study.

Left Channel RAW measurement

Right Channel RAW measurement


The measurements are made from the listening position. Multiply points to average with very similar results. This speakers goes down to extremely deep sub bass area (20Hz!!!) and fairly flat to 60Hz. Left and Right channels are quite similar to each other. There are three areas which may focus to improve.

70Hz – 100Hz sharp dip
400Hz – 10000Hz wide dip
12000Hz sharp peak

Left Channel After DSP

Right Channel After DSP

Left Channel Raw VS. After

Right Channel Raw VS. After

Final Left & Right

Final Left and Right channels are fairly balanced by Weiss RoomEQ DSP. Based on this RoomEQ snapshot setting (practical flat setting), we can use Weiss Series 5 Processors Global Presets to add 6 different tonal balances. (+/-Bass, +/-Mid, +/-High). Anyone can easily use 1 single button on remote or web control to chain RoomEQ DSP with choice of Tonal Balance EQ DSPs. For more about Tonal Balance EQ guide, please read here.

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