Weiss DAC50x 30 most innovative products that will...

Weiss DAC50x 30 most innovative products that will change audio market


左、右声道喇叭在相距不到30公分的摆位下,也能呈现出开阔的音场,精确的定位,甚至让我们感受充满立体包围感的音场吗?不要怀疑,Weiss 501/502办到了!专精于录音室专业器材的Weiss原本就是DSP专家,现在他们将DSP数位处理的专业知识,运用在XTC技术上,终于让这项技术得以真正成熟实用化。神奇的是,与其他厂家利用DSP重新处理数位讯号的作法不同,Weiss的XTC并没有改变原始数位讯号,只是将左右声道之间的串音消除,让左耳只听到左声道喇叭的声音,右耳只听到右声道喇叭的声音,就能将理论上立体声重播的理想音场状态完整重现。原来这种充满包围感的音场,只要两支喇叭就能实现,只是以往一直隐藏在录音讯号中,我们从来不曾体验,甚至连录音师也无缘听见两声道录音所能展现的真正魅力。现在借由Weiss的XTC串音消除技术,立体声录音问世超过七十年的梦想终于实现,录音工业将因为Weiss 501/502的出现而迈向前所未闻的全新领域,岂能不令人兴奋期待! (陶忠豪)

Taiwan AudioArt magazine 30th Anniversary special project – 30 innovative products that will change the audio market.

Can you imagine left and right speakers distance is only 30cm,  you can hear a wide open sound field, accurate sound image location above speaker boundaries, and even let you feel the full three-dimensional ambience sound?  Do not doubt, Weiss 501/502 has done it! Weiss, who specializes in professional studio equipment, has been a DSP expert for more than three decades. Now they apply the expertise of DSP digital processing to apply XTC (Crosstalk cancellation) technology, and finally make the technology truly mature and practical. Miraculously, unlike other manufacturers who use DSP to reprocess digital signals, Weiss’s XTC does not intend to change the original digital recorded signal, but eliminates crosstalk between the left and right speakers, so that left ear only hears left speaker, and right ear only hears the sound from the right channel. This is the theoretical stereo replay can be completely reproduced.

It turns out that this kind of full surrounded sound field can be realized with only two speakers. This naturalist sound field ambience has been hidden in the recorded stereo materials in the past. We have never experienced it. Even the sound engineer could not hear the true charm of two-channel recording. . Until now, with Weiss’s XTC crosstalk cancellation technology, the dream of stereo recordings has finally come true after existing more than seventy years. The recording industry will be in a new world that has never been heard before because of the emergence of the Weiss 501/502. Excited to look forward! (Paul Tao)

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