Discovery HiFi Jazz Prologue 01

Discovery HiFi Jazz Prologue 01

“Discovery HiFi Prologue 01” – a new jazz album by Kent Poon. This would be counted as my 4th album after the very well received “Audiophile Jazz Prologue” triology. This album was first launched at 2018 March Thailand Bangkok HiFi show with “1:1 MasterDisc CD-R” format. The “DHP01 1:1 Master Disc” was sold out through 3 days of show, and we are extremely grateful the comments are so positive.


This official release is now. Official release is Made in Japan by Memory Tech using its registered HQCD technology. The online order and distribution network will be available after the show. Let’s see if anyone would like to distribute for me or lot order to save shipping cost individually.


Discovery HiFi Prologue 01 has four well known english Jazz vocal songs “Lovin You” “My One And Only Love” “Amazing Grace” and “When I Fall In Love”, plus five instrumental tunes. I include a very special pure binaural duet with saxophone and guitar. You will be amazed when listen with headphone or XTC (Crosstalk cancellation) systems.

Here is the paragraph I wrote in the booklet.

From Kent Poon

2003 to celebrate I come back to Hong Kong, “Audiophile Jazz Prologue Part 01” is launched under my original production house “ArticleLab”. Thank you very much Fung Hang Mimi for the collaboration and AJP team mate.


2018 is 15th Anniversary. The world has changed very much and people these days are more likely carrying mobile multi-tasking. Its a natural addictive habit for modern living.


For the past 15 years, I have been so lucky to work in both high end and pro audio industry. I like high quality audio and music. I keep learning everyday. From them I get my inner-self reflection and build my better world.


This recording is made by three major stereo miking techniques: Decca tree, Binaural and Blumlein. With the collaboration my thai partner Mr. Kittikun, we have Studio 28 studio space, which can fit in an entire orchestra. Since AJP series, we employ classical recording method for Jazz recording. We want to have the most transparent sound that you can hear the vibrato of the guitars, the piano body, airy diffused high hat, and solid kick drums in a realistic 3D sound space. They are captured together in a single take, No overdub, just live.


Binaural recording has been one of my major interests in last few years. I’m influenced by my swiss partner Mr. Daniel Weiss. Binaural recording brings the most realistic ambience and 3D spacious information. Through normal stereo speakers, we have crosstalk between two speakers and crosstalk damages binaural content. “Crosstalk Cancellation XTC” hits the market few times in history, I wish the LIVEBOX® will make a progress. With VR (virtual reality) and DSP, we may reach a new height. Sounds come out above the speaker boundary. It’s truly magical.


This small records label is not a profitable business, but thank you so much for supporting this records, and my career. Since AJP part 01, I’m more than welcome you contact me, to exchange about the love of audio and sound together.

April 4, 2018. 5:59am
Bangkok (

Thank you so much for the support!!!

Here are Audiophile Jazz Prologue trilogy: Audiophile Jazz Prologue 01 (2003) / 02 (2005) / 03 (2009)

  1. Lee Sun Woei

    9 August

    Hi may i know where can buy ‘Discovery HiFi Jazz Prologue 01″ cd ? or may i know where can buy at malaysia

    • admin

      9 August

      Thank you! Next week we will start having online order for this album. And we may have a Malaysia distributor soon!

  2. stanley

    2 November

    hey, im Stanley from Indonesia

    i already bought audiophile jazz prologue 1&3 and they’re very amazing
    where can I buy other albums from Kent Poon? I followed his ig and knew there’re e several other albums like DHP 1&2

    waiting for ur reply, thx in advance!

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