方浪香港 星光行616 HK Large Room

方浪香港 星光行616 HK Large Room


全新香港獨家代理品牌Estelon正式進駐方浪香港星光行陳列室! Estelon Model XB 型號 – 8.7″吋德國製造的Accuton低音使用特殊的超硬陶瓷 /FEA優化的38毫米鈦音圈,保證極低的儲能和良好的傳熱 / 6.25″吋中音與1吋高音Accuton陶瓷單體 。 三路特製Accuton超硬陶瓷設計。

To match with the latest HK development, we have added Kronos TT, Vitus Audio MasterPiece Series, Viard Audio Platinum cables and PLiXiR balanced isolation transformer. After a long period, I finally regain my schedule to sync my own progress. You will hear me very soon. BTW, if you noticed, my audio blog is completely rebuilt. Almost 10 years it was my direct connection to people who share the same interest with me.

Audio engineer and entrepreneur. Major focus on audio distribution business in Asia region. Currently handling more than a dozen of highend consumer and professional audio brands in the area. Headquarter is located in Hong Kong, with branches in China, Taiwan and Japan.

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