方浪香港 星光行616 HK Small Room

方浪香港 星光行616 HK Small Room

方浪音响 全新代理品牌Estelon

全新香港独家代理品牌Estelon正式进驻方浪香港星光行陈列室!首先出现是YB型号 – 1吋铍高音(Beryllium), 5.25吋中音及8吋低音三路设计。配合我们最优秀的数位播放系统。包括Alluxity Media One, Aurender N10及Weiss 501, 为最现代化生活品味的音响选择。 We rebuilt our small room with NEW Estellon YB speaker. Matched with our most popular digital music servers from Aurender, Alluxity, Fidata and Weiss. Amplifications with Alluxity, Vitus and Devialet. You certainly will find your best matched combination.

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